Suzanne Peck is a visual artist, writer, curator and educator. She earned her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design’s glass department. Indeed, glass provides continued inspiration in her work, even when the substance itself is absent (isn’t glass always, in a way, absent?).  Using glass, photography, digital video and new media, her art practice considers touch, interconnectivity and skin through the lens of sculpture and installation. Her work is exhibited worldwide and held in both public and private collections. Suzanne teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Suzanne lives and creates in Rochester, NY. 

“My work considers themes of touch, skin and interconnectivity.   I have my MFA from RISD’s glass department and glass is a constant presence conceptually, if not always physically, in my practice. Currently, skin is the site where my conceptual interests coalesce.  It's the organ that covers our whole body and our whole body is sensitized because of it.  It is the site of touching and being touched.  Through installation, video, and photography, I want my viewer to feel- feel the memory of their lovers breath on their neck, feel the hairs raise on their arms, feel a sweet melancholy for an emotion just out of reach."